Air conditioning service is an often overlooked responsibility.

Having an AC unit in good working condition is vital. In the same way that heat is essential during a cold, harsh winter, cool air is equally important during hot, humid summer months. While a malfunctioning unit is always going to cause discomfort, the reality many people don’t consider is that not having an air conditioning service plan can also pose a real health risk to you and your family.

You may wonder how that’s possible, but think of the news reports you hear during heat waves. It’s important that the elderly and young children alike are able to stay cool when the temperatures rise because they are at a greater risk for heat-related health conditions. Respiratory problems can easily become aggravated in stuffy conditions; if your loved one has a condition such as asthma, for example, overheating could cause a severe attack.

While you should always have a cool place prepared in an emergency to take elderly or young family members, the best way to plan ahead is to prevent emergencies in the first place by ensuring that your air conditioning unit is working well to begin with. If you suspect that you may need service on your air conditioning unit, you should make it a priority to have a Cool Techs professional take a look. Air conditioning service should be scheduled the minute you notice that anything is wrong; this could be something as simple as the unit not properly cooling your home, or making loud noises, smoking, or leaking.

In any case, you don’t want to dismiss the problem and wait until the heat is at record-breaking levels before you call for help—those are often the busiest times of the season, and you may not be able to schedule an appointment for several days. Cool Techs will be able to evaluate your unit and recommend a course of action, and it’s possible we could fix the problem in one visit, leaving your home comfortable once again.

Keep in mind that your air filter does not capture 100% of all dirt and contaminants that circulate throughout your home and, therefore, is not the only thing you need to think about. Over time dirt will accumulate on blower wheels and coils, causing your system to operate inefficiently and prematurely break down. That’s why besides replacing your air filter monthly, having an AC service plan with Cool Techs will keep your air conditioning unit operating efficiently and reliably all season long.

Regular air conditioning service will keep your family comfortable this summer.

Having your ac system regularly maintained will improve its efficiency and the comfort level in your home.