When it Comes to Heating Maintenance, Safety is Hot!

Heating maintenance isn’t something that can be put off, so you need to know where your heating system is located. That often depends on what type of system you have. If you’re having trouble finding it but can see that it uses ductwork, try following that to its source. For the inexperienced, it’s best to look with eyes rather than hands; the Consumer Product Safety Commission receives numerous calls annually about injuries—sprains, bruises, burns, cuts, and electrocution, to name a few—resulting from careless interaction with a heating system.

One of the most important—and often overlooked—responsibilities a homeowner has is the heating maintenance on their HVAC system.

Regular heating maintenance is vital to your family's comfort in your home.

Having your heating system regularly maintained will improve its efficiency and the comfort level in your home.

If you’ve decided to carry out your own basic heating maintenance, you should still first get the help of an expert to ensure that your unit is in top shape. This will make things easier on you in the long run, as you’ll be able to see if anything begins to go wrong and either put a stop to it or call a professional before the unit breaks down. While the expert is at your home, ask about the best way to handle routine heating maintenance for your unit. And consider signing up for a heating maintenance plan, which offers the reassurance of having an expert catch any little things you may have overlooked.

Besides replacing your air filter monthly, having a yearly heating maintenance plan on your HVAC system will keep your unit operating efficiently and reliably all season long; your air filter does not capture 100% of all dirt and contaminants that circulate throughout your home, so over time dirt will accumulate on blower wheels and coils, causing your system to operate inefficiently and prematurely break down. Plus, heating systems that use oil often need more maintenance than a typical gas furnace or heat pump system, and the same is true for boiler heating systems. Too many forgotten “I’ll do it myself this weekend”s could end up more expensive than the heating maintenance plan.